Tax Planning & Compliance

Tax Planning & Compliance

We advise our clients on how to lawfully minimise their tax liabilities through efficient Tax Planning and Strategies. 

We also submit tax returns, resolve tax problems, advise on tax implications and litigation matters, and generally aid clients with their personal financial affairs. 

We help with tax affairs on the following tax types and other:

o    Corporate Income Tax
o    Personal Income Tax
o    Provisional Tax
o    Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
o    Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)
o    Skills Development Levy (SDL)
o    Value Added Tax(VAT)
o    Turnover Tax
o    Dividend Tax
o    Donations Tax
o    Capital Gains Tax
o    Estate Duty Tax
o    Excise Duties and Levies
o    Retirement Funds Tax
o    Securities transfer Tax
o    Customs Duties
o    Transfer Duty
o    Tax Clearance Status
o    Income Tax numbers

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